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PLEASE NOTE: We offer INVOICING with up to 30 days payment terms to Council / State Schools / Universities, NHS & Other Government Organisations. You can email your Purchase Order to or call 01673866315 or fax 01673866562.

UK only - Instant Credit & Discount Available for Schools, Colleges, Universities, NHS, MOD, Councils, Police & Govt. Offices. Purchase Orders Accepted.

1.Can you tell me more about your delivery charges?
2.Where will you deliver to?
3.What if we are overcharged in error?
4.What about if we want to place an order with more than one delivery address?
5.How long will the delivery take?
6.Are the items flat packed or ready assembled?
7.What if our order is faulty or damaged?
8.Do you supply samples of goods?
9.How can we place an order?
10.What if we can't find what I'm looking for?
11.How can we pay for our order?
12.Can I place an order if I am a private individual (ie: not a day care, nursery, school, college, university or business)?
13.What if we are not available when you want to deliver?